Property Investment Deals – Where to Find Them

Feb 8, 2021 | Featured, Property Investors

Property investment deals
What you’ll know after reading this article:

  1. How to nurture the right mindset to attract those property investment deals with ease
  2. How to nurture relationships with real estate agents that will land you that deal quickly
  3. Where to find distressed properties and how to go about buying them below market value
  4. How to pay someone a small fee to find the deals for you and where to find these people
  5. The wonders of property investment networking platforms to find great deals
  6. Creative ways of advertising directly to people looking to sell you a deal
  7. How to sit back and literally have deals falling in your lap

Numerous hopeful property investors commence with high energy and enthusiasm but quit prematurely.. The truth is, contrary to what the “experts” will tell you, property investment deals are not around any corner. If it was, everyone would be investing in property. 

Get your mindset right before finding property investment deals: learn where and how to find them. I know this mindset stuff that I’m about to share may sound a bit mystical, but there is a lot of scientific proof to back up what I’m about to say. I would not have started with a mindset if it was not the most important part of finding deals. So please don’t skip this part. I promise you; you won’t be sorry.

The right mindset goes a long way

Having a positive mindset is the number one reason people are successful. Ensure your mindset is right before embarking on your property investment journey or any other journey. Stop saying to yourself that it is difficult to find deals. Remember your subconscious mind listens to everything you tell it. Once your subconscious mind receives an order, it acts on it. Finding deals is exceedingly difficult if you believe it’s hard to find them.

What do I mean?

Being poor doesn’t happen overnight. Repeatedly telling yourself “I’m poor; making money is hard; money doesn’t come easy” for months or years is unnecessary. Whatever we say to ourselves over and over and over, we start believing and it becomes our reality. Our words shape our reality as the subconscious attracts events, people, and circumstances to manifest them. Be mindful of your self-talk when searching for property investment deals. I’m going to give you a couple of sentences to repeat every day (also referred to as affirmations). Repeat and believe your desires, and watch your subconscious attract people and events to manifest them.

The last time I used this technique I attracted four deals within a matter of a week. I interviewed a property investor. After the interview, he mentioned to me that he also sources properties for other property investors. I told him what I’m looking for. A few days later he called me to say he has found exactly what I’m looking for. My business partner and I went for a viewing, and we ended up buying all four of those properties. It does work. Sometimes it helps to not wonder too much how something works, but just know that it works. It is like having faith that something will materialize.

Affirmations for finding those deals

Let’s get started! Repeat these sentences aloud daily and witness the transformation. I guarantee it works. Embrace the opportunity to say them in the shower, during your commute, or even in bed before you wake up. Anywhere you feel comfortable. Remember, belief is crucial. Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. It merely listens and strives to make your words a reality. By providing positive instructions, you empower it to bring forth your desires. To expedite manifestation, take enthusiastic action. Utter each affirmation with unwavering fervour. Don’t worry about others hearing you; this exercise is personal and invigorating. Ready to unlock your potential? Start speaking your dreams into existence!

So here are your affirmations (say each affirmation ten times with emotion and believe that it is true): 

  • Looking for property investment deals is fun 
  • Property investment deals are everywhere
  • I am always in the right place at the right time
  • I vibrate success and property investment deals just land in my lap
  • Finding property investment deals are so easy to find
  • Property investment always makes its way to me
  • I am extremely lucky when it comes to finding property investment deals

If you start your property investment journey with this attitude, you can only be successful. This is a fact.

Discover a technique to effortlessly ignite your excitement while searching for amazing deals.

To find great deals, nurture a positive mindset by enjoying and getting excited about what you do. Being in love with a new partner shields you from any words or actions that might upset you. Keep your cool in traffic, excel at the office, and embrace pure happiness in life. The traffic and the office didn’t change. You did. The right feeling and emotions change our environment. If you are in a good mood, happy and excited, chances are you’ll attract those deals to you more easily.

Here is a technique that will help you turn on your excitement with ease when you start looking for those deals.

When searching for deals online, in the suburbs, or at networking events, overcome challenges by envisioning exciting things. Experience joy through travel, vacations, sports, family fun, or any activity that brings you happiness. Once you have that feeling, remember how it feels. Open your eyes and search for property investment deals while keeping that feeling in mind. Whatever you want in life, you must raise your vibration to that same level. Want love, feel love. Do you want health, feel healthy. Wanting deals easily, feel that finding the deals are easy.

I know it all sounds very woohoo, but I promise you it works. If this topic interests you, get yourself a copy of Mind Power into the 21st Century by John Kehoe. It is one of the easiest-to-understand mindset books that I have ever read. 

Now, let’s explore where and how to find those deals since we have the right mindset.

How real estate agents can help you find those deals?

Your first step towards finding great deals is through real estate agents. After identifying three desired property areas, schedule viewings with real estate agents in those locations. It’s okay if the property you’re viewing isn’t in the right price range or perfect for your needs. Rarely do properties list at the exact price you desire to purchase. Therefore, there is a thing called negotiations. 

This exercise is to build a report with the real estate agents in that area. Ask strategic questions when meeting real estate agents and viewing properties in a specific area.

What do I mean by strategic questions? 

Well, questions that will move you closer to making a possible deal or having a better understanding of the area.

Here are a couple of strategic questions to ask the real estate agent:

Strategic Inquiries to Make When Consulting a Real Estate Agent

  • Ask the real estate agent about buyers’ preferences when flipping properties in the area. This will help you buy a property that people are actually interested in buying from you. If your strategy is buy-to-let, you’ll ask the real estate agent what tenants are looking for in the area. This will give you insight into what type of property to buy that will get tenants quickly. 
  • Are there mostly tenants or owners in the area? This information will let you know whether you are buying in the right area for your strategy. Avoid investing in a buy-to-let property where homeowners dominate the neighborhood. The answer to this question will help you make sure you buy where the demand is for your strategy. 
  • What is the average price of properties in the area? You likely know the answer from your research, but what is the agent’s viewpoint?
  • Find out about the amenities in the area. For instance, if the area prides itself on good schools, you know that your target resident will mainly be families. Or if the area is known for its vibrant nightlife, you’ll know that the area probably attracts young professionals. This will give you an idea of who you’ll be catering to. 
  • Most importantly, find out why the owner is selling. This is huge because it will let you know to what level you can negotiate. The owner often sells due to divorce, death, financial issues, relocation, immigration, or an offer on another property conditional on this sale. If any of these apply, you can improve your chances of negotiating a price that makes sense for your investment. This brings you one step closer to sealing the deal.

Even if the property that you are viewing is not the ideal property, that’s fine too

You’ve made contact with the agent, you’ve let him or her know what you are looking for, and you can follow up on a regular basis. You want to remain top of mind when the agent lists a property that meets your specifications. To find deals, take the first important step of building relationships with real estate agents in your target areas.

Distressed Properties

The next way to find property investment deals is by looking for distressed properties. These are normally properties that have been repossessed by the bank or they are bank-assisted sales. The bank aims to recover the outstanding owed amount on repossessed properties, rather than seeking profit from their sale.

A bank-assisted sale is literally what the name says. If homeowners can’t make monthly bond payments, they can request to join the bank’s assisted sale program. Banks assign different names. Motivated sellers risk losing the property if they can’t sell through the bank’s assisted program. A great website to find bank-assisted sales and repossessed properties is The four major banks normally list their bank-assisted sales and repossessed properties on

Sourcing agents

Streamline Your Sourcing Process with Trusted Agents

Another way of finding deals is through sourcing agents. I love sourcing agents. The sourcing agent delivered the deal I wanted shortly after I briefed him. Sourcing agents are connected, and it is their job to look for deals all day long. They search for deals on your behalf in exchange for a small commission or a set fee. They run the numbers, and the deal makes sense even after you’ve paid their commission. Finding deals cannot be easier.

It’s a valuable resource for busy investors who want to buy properties without searching for them. It is also great if you start in a new area and you don’t necessarily know the area. You can find sourcing agents at property investment networking events, or if you don’t make contact with them directly, you can ask everyone at the networking event if they know of any sourcing agents. A good property investment networking platform to consider is There is normally a small membership fee to be paid, but it is well worth the spend.

Sourcing agents work very closely with real estate agents and they can find the deals easily. Sourcing agents typically charge 3% to 10% of the total sale price as their fee. Other sourcing agents ask for a set fee. Negotiate a mutually beneficial fee structure when choosing a sourcing agent. Remember, when it comes to property, you can negotiate anything. Very often the sourcing agent will also adjust his fee to make the deal work for the investor. This is still a win-win for everyone. Without you, the sourcing agent does not make an income, and without the sourcing agent, you don’t have a deal. So, it is in everybody’s interest to make the deal work.


Property investment networking platforms for finding the deals

Still on the subject of property investment networking platforms. These are not just great to meet sourcing agents. Network with property investors and communicate your investment requirements to maximize opportunities. Very often you might find other investors who are prepared to sell you a good deal. This does not mean that there is something wrong with the property. The other investor’s strategy has changed or they may be financially over-extended with other deals.

Placing advertisements to find the deals

You can also advertise that you are looking for properties to buy. Here you can have your own property-buying website. Be sure to have keywords that will allow people to land on your page easily. Chances are you landed on this website and page by typing in “where to find property investment deals”.

You can target your desired property market by sponsoring a Facebook post. Offer a comprehensive property solutions service, understanding people’s needs when selling their homes and providing assistance accordingly. Often, sellers lack the funds to cover associated costs, but you can step in and cover those expenses as part of the deal. Additionally, consider covering their moving costs, deposit, and the first month’s rent at their new place. Creating a win/win situation and making the deal more enticing increases your chances of success. However, ensure that all agreements with sellers are legally sound; it’s crucial to stay on the right side of the law. Always consult an attorney to review your proposed offers and receive guidance on structuring deals in a lawful manner.

Sit back and let the deals fall into your lap

Lastly, you can literally sit back and have deals falling in your lap. You can land these deals by working on a referral system. Simply inform your network that you’re seeking to purchase a property—letting everyone know is all it takes. They earn a referral commission or fixed fee of 3-5k rand when the recommended seller makes a sale.

This is literally money for jam, for introducing two people (a buyer and seller) to each other. This can literally be anyone from family, colleagues, acquaintances, even your hairdresser, dentist, and local butcher.

Another set of people who can be part of your referral system is garden services, handymen, electricians, and plumbers. They operate in residential neighborhoods and typically have first-hand knowledge of any home listed for sale. Earn thousands of rand by informing us about property salespeople gladly seize this lucrative opportunity.. Very often they have other people in their networks with whom they can share this information and split the commission.

The more people who know that they can make a few thousand rands just by referring you to a potential seller, the more likely it is that you might land a deal. You will have a deal every few months and very soon you will have a thriving property investment business.

In conclusion

You don’t have to use all these strategies to land deals. Start with the ones that you feel most comfortable and confident with. You might not have the cash to join a networking platform, but you may know a lot of people who can be part of your referral system, or you might have a natural flair for writing advertising copy.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the most important part of this exercise is to have the right mindset. You have got to believe that the deals are out there. If you start with this mindset, you cannot go wrong.

Happy deal hunting.

Last updated: 12 March 2023


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